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The 5 mistakes while running your construction company that you need to know… And how to avoid them

As the owner of a construction business, did you underestimate the amount of paperwork you’d have to do when starting your business?

Rushed paperwork and other accounting tasks can take a toll on your work-life balance and overall business success. Our fundamental eBook is crafted to leverage your time and improve your efficiency.

Does the following sound familiar?

No time to liaise with subcontractors and investors? Cash flow is always tight? Constantly stressed and working overtime? Stressed about outstanding bills and VAT returns? Little quality time spent with family and friends?

Sadly, last year the UK construction industry saw 10,717 insolvencies in the first quarter alone, the highest level since 2012. We’ve written a handy eBook to identify where and how you can avoid the same mistakes we see contractors making time and time again within their construction businesses. Invest the time today and hit the button below for a FREE, quick download, which is yours to keep forever!

Save time, make your finances effortless, the way they should be

As a company owner/CEO, managing the finance function needs to be a seamless, transparent and rolling process. Our services are built to help you.

Our brand-new eBook is our way of sharing our expertise in your industry, for free. We’ve been working with construction firms for over 5 years, so you can trust we have a solid understanding of the nuances, trends, and challenges faced by construction business owners like you. We strive to optimise your accounting without ever compromising your reputation and best practices.

Don’t delay, take action now! Today marks the start of a new leaf for your construction business, and it all starts with hitting the download button below.

Build your knowledge today.


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