Our Story

InterTax is owned and founded by two sisters, think of us as a family business. Our interest in construction businesses is borne out of our understanding of the difficulty of making headway in this industry.

There are numerous problems faced by construction businesses and SMEs; not enough time to run your business and take care of your bookkeeping. We solve the problem construction businesses usually have in the management of their finance. More importantly, we want to be able to lend a helping hand to our clients through our reputable accounting services.

Our Mission

We don't just want to be the "regular accountant" that is only concerned about your tax returns and books. Instead, we've chosen to be a friend of every business that comes our way.

Our goal is to bring accounting service closer to you without any compromise to our reputation and global best practices. Let us be part of your team.

Our Values and Philosophy

In pursuance of our mission and in line with our story, InterTax is guided by the following:

  • Learning and Re-learning to stay on top of our skills
  • Maintaining the efficiency and top-notch services we deliver
  • Providing our clients with the resources needed to be the best at what they do.
InterTax Ltd - Anna and Maja