Accountants for Small Business

Small Businesses

With each and every small business, key financial decisions must be made from the beginning.

Some small business owners might have pre-existing experience in managing the accounts of their limited companies and start-ups, but true financial stability and growth comes from the support of a good accountant.

Small Business Accountants

We’re proud to provide expert advice and accounting services to a range of small businesses and industries. Small business accounting requires a dedicated accountant to take the time to fully understand your company and the money coming in and out.

Challenges of a Small Business

We’re familiar with the challenges faced by small businesses, and have the services and tools required to cater to any specific needs of our clients.

We have a focus on predicting and identifying any problems that could arise, and support wherever possible. A high-quality service like ours is essential when it comes to rectifying errors and minor details before they become a larger problem.

Dedicated Small Business Accountants

We’re the right accountant for you if you’re self-employed or a small business owner or a new business. We provide small businesses with a full completion of your company accounts, with all the information and insight you require.

We help you manage your finances, which is a large problem that many small businesses face.

When you choose InterTax as your accountant, your business is set for success, and will thrive in the current financial climate.

Why is InterTax different?

We’re a family business, proud to be owned and run by two sisters in Manchester. Our goal is to support and help small businesses because we understand how difficult and stressful it can be to start a business, and grow it.

If you’re on the hunt for industry professionals and a team that strives to understand your business, we are the small business accounting team for you.

South Manchester Accounting Services

Accounting Stress

Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting, combined with managing your annual accounts can be an unwanted stress for many small businesses.

Expert accountants will alleviate this stress for you, and you can trust that your chosen accountant has your business finances all under control.

Do you feel at ease with your current accountant, if you have one?

Grow your Small Business

Whether you’re your own boss, run a small business, a limited company, or self-employed, you can trust us to completely cover your accounting requirements while you focus on the critical tasks of running your business and doing what you do best.

No Hidden Costs

When you choose InterTax as your accountant, there are absolutely no hidden costs. The details of your contract and services you’ll receive are outlined to ensure there is full transparency from both parties.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a previous accountant, the likelihood is that their accountancy services did not meet your standards. With InterTax we strive to be a cut above the rest and provide top quality small business accountancy services.

Dedicated Accountant

More than anything else, InterTax’s overarching aim is to help our clients through our accounting services.

For a competitive monthly fee, you will be placed with a client manager, to guide and assist you in the financial side of your business.

Comprehensive Range of Accountancy Services

A small business has different needs from that of a larger organisation. That’s why our small business accountants provide a varied and comprehensive range of accounting services, including:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Advisory
  • Bookkeeping
  • Self Assessments
  • Landlord Services
  • CIS
  • Tax Advice
  • Payroll
  • VAT

Accounting Software

Accounting software for a small business requires a regular review. Why? Because the latest technology and software types are always evolving!

A business accountant can manage your money and support you to grow your business.

Cloud Based Accounting Software

Accounting in the modern world requires up-to-date technology. Cloud accounting software will save time and money, by speeding up and streamlining your financial processes.

It’s a service we provide to all customers and is a must-have in the current accountancy industry and is a sure-fire way to focus on what matters, remain tax efficient and gain excellent insight into your annual accounts.

How else can it help?

It assists in automated invoicing, provides centralised account information, improves expenses tracking and so much more. Read more in our blog for a more detailed answer.

A Bespoke Service for your Small Business

We endeavor to add a personal touch to our service when attending to your books and general accounting requirements. We believe in having a full understanding of your business, to optimally support its growth.

The success of your businesses is our joy, as a small business accountant.

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Can we help with VAT returns?

We know how scary the taxman can seem.

Time and time again we hear of an honest mistake with tax returns leading to a large fine, and no one wants that! Tax errors and discrepancies can also affect your cashflow.

Tax returns are just one of the many tax options we provide to our customers, as their trusted small business accountant. We recognise the importance of tax efficiency, and provide expert advice in this field.

We will comply with HMRC on your behalf, to ensure that all of your tax returns are always submitted on time and in the correct format. This includes self assessment tax return.

A Manchester Accountancy firm you can trust

At our Manchester-based office, we look after you from day one. No problem is too big or small, and we fully understand how difficult it can be to feel like you matter as a client or customer.

From our bookkeeping service, through to our complete managerial accounting service, and everything in between, our small business accounting services will set you up for success.

InterTax will optimally support your growth from the day we begin working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you speak to InterTax online?

We encourage scheduling a consultation via our online booking system, which is a free 45-minute telephone, face-to-face, or video call consultation with one of our qualified accountants. We can answer any questions you may have about our business, our financial advice and more. Please click here to book yours.

Can we help send invoices?

Yes, our team can assist in making sure you send your invoices in a timely and correct manner.

This is a popular request from start up businesses.

Do we work with contractors?

Contractors have particular accounting needs which are best served by accountants with extensive experience of this kind of work. In particular, as a contractor you will want to know how best to negotiate the IR35 legislation.

You’re in safe hands with InterTax. We work with numerous contractors, both past and present, and have a wide knowledge of the construction accounting industry. Learn more about our accounting services for contractors here.

"What about the income of my company?"

As many companies are looking to cut costs, the service of an accountant is not one to remove, or miss out on!

Expert advice and answers to your all-important financial questions can be provided in a timely-manner, from a team of industry professionals that you trust.

Do we have experience in cash flow?

Yes! We help your business with its cash flow management and projections. Our team will regularly review the current cash situation and advise wherever appropriate.

"I'm a sole trader, can you help me?"

We specialise in helping small businesses and sole traders to grow their business. We can save you hours on paperwork, leaving you more time to do what you specialise in, with the confidence that your accounts are in safe hands.

As a team of dedicated accountants, we take pride in understanding the needs of sole traders and the common issues and pitfalls they may face. Our client managers are on hand to assist you.

Do we support Limited Companies?

We provide comprehensive accounting software and support for established limited companies.

As a limited company, there is no legal requirement to use the services of an accountant, however there are many benefits to doing so, including tax efficiency.

Save money in the long run, by investing now.

We also provide support for those in the company formation service.

What our clients say

“Great service and app speeds up producing invoices or submitting expenses.”

Piotr Berezowski

Business rates and how to contact us

Get in touch with Maja and Anna on 0161 820 4489 or email for a discussion on our costs and procedures.

Alternatively, we would love to see you in person, which is why we provide a FREE 45-minute consultation, available to book here.

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Maja Berezowska


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Anna Berezowska


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