Reasons to automate your accounting

Thanks to accounting automation software, cloud accounting helps to save time, but most importantly, it reduces risks. Automating accounting minimises human errors and optimises real time report, accountants get real-time reports. They assist in catching potential problems and resolving them in an early stage. Thirdly, it reduces the probability of internal fraud.

Eradicate the document chaos

We don’t just work for you at the end of the month, we consistently work for you to ensure all your books are in place and ready each day.

Fast turnaround on your books

We’ve all your invoices and books to hand so you don’t have to wait or spend hours tracking down your old invoices. All you have to do is send your documents over the minute you have them, we reconcile every 24 hours so are on-point with all your documents.

A dedicated bookkeeper

You get a personal bookkeeper who knows your business and books. We answer fast in a chat, even late at night and on weekends.

Real numbers every day

We show real-time balance and your day-to-day dynamics from all connected banks. Anything sold or bought today goes straight into the reports tomorrow.

Easy upload

Use the most convenient way of sending us your documents: email them, snap pictures or drag and drop.

Forget sorting and tagging docs

It is our job to store them, extract data from invoices and allocate to relevant accounts.

Daily check-up

We go through your transactions on daily basis and let you know about any missing documents.