Helping you grow your business

Business Advisory

Our business advisory service provides more than just helping you understand the financial figures for your business. It is about assisting you with growth. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients – real personal relationships – and understand our clients’ businesses to really be able to help them grow. This personal touch means that we can get into the granular level of detail in your data, analyse the numbers, and provide a complete 360 view of your business.

For example, you could have various sales categories and channels, we will identify what your best performing categories are by channel; what your highest margins per product are; what costs are necessary; what’s unnecessary. We feed this back to you in a way that will help you make any changes you need.


Process Improvement

We will build a process architecture for your business. This will give you a clear picture of who is doing what, when and why within your organisation. For your peace of mind, we will document how things are done today, what needs to change to make your people, processes, and systems work in sync and be more effective, and how things will be done moving forward in order to deliver on time, every time, and in full, for your customers. The goal is to keep you in business by maximising your profits whilst keeping costs at a minimum.


Business Planning

We are always thinking about tomorrow, and you should be too. It is one thing to write a business plan and another to stick to it. We don’t just help you plan – we will stay by your side, giving you tangible foundations upon which to build and grow your business.


Corporate Finance

When looking to find finance for your business, there are certain questions that you will need to address – why do you need it, what are you going to use it for, and how will it ultimately help your organisation? Whether your business is a start-up or a well established organisation, we will find the best provider for you, from traditional lenders to crowdfunding and peer to peer lending.


Succession Planning

Exiting your business needs to be considered long before you reach that final stage. We’ll ask you all the right questions and ensure you prepare the business correctly, boosting profitability, structuring the business to work without you, and making it an attractive prospect to potential buyers.


Use Case

“I’m a business owner, I know my business best – why should I pay a company like yours?”

We don’t want to know your business better than you. We want to understand every business that we sit in front of – if we understand as much as we can about that business, we can help you make those informed decisions. The more we know, the more we can support and the more we can advise with our expertise.

Business owners are fantastic at what they do, so they should spend their time in the business focusing on growth, and we can then provide you with useful, actionable financial information.


Get a Free Consultation

We are offering a free consultation where we can discuss your business concerns and provide vital insight. These meetings can include, but not limited to:

 Strategic advice
 Budgets and forecasting
 Data analysis
 Financial modelling
 Cash flow queries
 Further details on how we can help you grow

To find out more, book a free consultation.

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