Construction Accountants

Construction Accounting

Construction companies come in all shapes and sizes. Our advice assists those in the UK property industry with construction businesses, to builders who need crucial support with their property investment, and beyond.

Why is Construction Accounting Different?

Accounting in the property and construction sector is different to your standard accountancy services.

Construction accounting is a specialist type of accounting designed to accurately reflect the characteristics of the construction business in question.

Accountants who support those in the property and construction sector will be familiar with the different rules when it comes to cash flow, overhead costs, payroll services.

Chartered Accountants for Contractors and Investors

As experts in the property and construction industry, we’re the provider of effective solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Working with a Construction Company

We strive to gain an in-depth knowledge of your business structure, plus your experience with any previous accountants. Different accountants within the construction and property development sector will manage their work differently. We’re proud to offer advice to numerous clients in this sector.

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Stressed about CIS?

Operating in the construction industry can be overwhelming. Certain rules and legislation in relation to payments to and from contractors and for sub-contractor’s work can make things seem complicated.

The good news is that you do not have to deal with all calculations and documents by yourself to “live in peace” with HMRC. We are here to help.

Construction Small Business or Sub Contractors

Whether you’re a small business or have hundreds of subcontractors, at InterTax, apart from normal day-to-day record-keeping duties, we will:

  • Verify your subcontractors
  • Record all invoices from your subcontractors and calculate CIS liabilities
  • File your monthly CIS returns within deadlines
  • Inform you about amounts payable to HMRC
  • Provide you with a Payment and Deduction Statement

If you are a subcontractor, on the other hand, we will help you with:

  • Tax return
  • Storing all your documentation in electronic form in one secure place
  • Perform all day-to-day record-keeping duties
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Who are InterTax?

We’re a close team of specialist accountants, striving to fully understand your business’ specific needs, at all times.

Our experienced family-tied team work alongside a large array of small business clients and investors, from Limited Companies to property developers and beyond. We are equipped to assist in your general accountancy services, managing your costs and construction accounting requirements.

As a Manchester-based small business ourselves, we are proud to be one of the top small business accountants in Manchester, and our clients trust us to help their business in the current tough financial climate.

Why is InterTax different?

InterTax is a family business! It is owned and run by two sisters, Maja and Anna. InterTax’s passion is to help small businesses because we know first-hand how difficult it is to start and grow a business. If you’re on the hunt for a professional and dedicated team to make sense of and manage your accounts, we are your ideal family accountants in Manchester.

Our aim is to help our clients grow through our specialist accountancy services.

Tax Advice and Planning

As professional accountants, we offer a range of services to the construction sector. This includes tax planning and tax advice to both the business owners and investors within the construction industry, and everything in-between.

Expert planning requires a strong knowledge into the common pitfall areas and where problems are likely to arise when it comes to tax.

Extensive Experience

We work closely with many construction professionals and developers. Their business is our business, and we work hard to tackle unique challenges that occur within the company finances.

At InterTax, our clients understand the importance of an investment in an experienced accountant, who will support them and provide top advice for their accounts.

Commercial and Residential Developers

We have experience working in residential and commercial property. We fully understand the issues you face, from accounting and corporate finance to tax returns and exit planning.

Help from the expertise of our accountants means that these issues can be stress-free.

Forward Thinking Advice and Support

Every property developer and client in the property and construction sector we have supported have praised our business advice and range of services. The success of all construction-based businesses (and businesses in general) comes down to working closely with professional services firms that can advise and assist in making informed decisions.

A Manchester accountancy firm you can trust

At our office in Manchester, we look after you from the very beginning. We understand how hard it can be to feel like you matter as a client.

We’re the accountants you can trust to get to know your business, and add a personal touch to taking care of your complete accounting needs.

Construction Accountancy – Further Information

Construction Industry

Whether you are a business owner, contractor or limited company in the construction industry, our business works hand in hand with you and your specific needs.

InterTax has a deep understand of the UK economy and property and construction market, which is paramount when it comes to offering the best services and support for our clients.

Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) applies to those working for a contractor within the sector, as a self-employed individual. This HMRC scheme would not apply as an employee.

Tax and your Construction Business

Like any industry, tax within the construction sector must adhere to strict rules and regulations.

Corporate Financial Support

Support within the corporate finance sector is another one of our services; a branch of our construction accounting support.

Capital Gains Tax

As accounting experts in the construction sector, we understand the importance of tax. Our advice on capital gains tax and capital allowances is just one of our many professional services.

Understand the Construction Regulations

As specialist construction accountants we invest time into the latest accounting updates and changes, to ensure our support and advice is the best it can be. We’re proud to be thorough and invest time outside work to stay on top of our game.

A recent change is the Making Tax Digital update. The changes it brings is very important to our clients who own their own construction businesses.

Property and Construction Sector

We provide advice to those in the property and construction sector. Whether that’s tax advice, tax planning, accounting services, advice on property transactions, cash flow… The list goes on. Our construction accountants have got you covered.

Tax for Property Developers

There is a tax for certain residential developers on the profits they make over a specific threshold. An investment in property requires professional services from an experienced construction accountant to ensure all requirements are met. Tax in this sector also includes tax relief, reverse charge and VAT returns for your company.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

If you purchase a property in England or Northern Ireland, you must pay stamp duty land tax. The amount of tax will depend on the size of your property investment and payments must be managed appropriately.

Accounting Services – What our construction clients say

“I would highly recommend InterTax for self-employed. They are quick to reply and always give me valuable advice. Maja helped me to organise my business, as I am traveling a lot for various projects, and as a one-person company, it was hard for me to find time and look for any solutions suitable for my business. I now have all my documents stored in my phone’s app, which is brilliant. She also helped me to sort out outstanding submissions with HMRC, from the past few years, and dealt with received penalties.”

R Celarski (self-employed in construction)

Business rates and how to contact us

Get in touch with Maja and Anna on 0161 820 4489 or email for a discussion on our costs and procedures.

Alternatively, we would love to see you in person, which is why we provide a FREE 45-minute consultation, available to book here.

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