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Contractor Accountants – What do we do?

As specialist contractor accountants, we understand how a contractor’s business should be run and managed.

The contracting industry requires different accountancy services to that of other specialist areas. Accountancy firms supporting contractors will be familiar with the services many contractors need.

Whether you’re a new contractor or have been working in the field for a long time, your financial growth and success are always at the forefront of our minds.

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Your Contractor Accountant

We’re proud to be one of the leading accountants in the North West, when it comes to bespoke planning for your contractor accountancy services.

Accountants providing for contractors must understand the business entirely, to provide optimal support. Did your previous accountant conduct a thorough review of your business? Unlike InterTax, other contractor accountants will often only learn about the top-level details of your business, and take the bare-minimum approach.

With InterTax you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality, personal service from our team of chartered accountants.

Dedicated Accountant

We’re the right contractor accountants for you if you’re looking for your own dedicated accountant to manage your finances and support your contracting business.

Our new business team of accountants will provide you with a full completion of your company accounts, with all the insight you require.

With a dedicated accountant at a competitive monthly fee, your business is set for success, and will thrive in the current financial climate. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to your own business finances.

Good Contractor Accountant

Contractor accountancy requires a solid understanding of the processes involved and specific HMRC requirements of contractors.

Your accountant should work with you to identify the services required for your accounting needs and agree a fee per month.

Our accountancy team will deliver quality, unlimited support at an agreed monthly fee and with no hidden costs.

Limited Company

The accountant of a limited company will know that their accountancy services must be tailored to suit the nature of the company. Whether that’s bespoke business insurance, alternative annual costs, awareness of different tie in period and more.

who are intertax

Why Choose InterTax?

Working alongside some of the UK’s largest contractor accountants, we’re considered experts in the contractor accountancy industry.

We are your specialist accountancy firm, assisting contractors with their accounting since 2018.

Each of our clients understand the value of a good accountant – and we’re a cut above most accountants! Our experienced accountants have a more advanced aat qualification, meaning you’re in safe hands.

South Manchester Accounting Services

Companies House and Contractor Accounting Services

As part of our tax services, we will comply with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf. Our accounting crew will manage your monthly and annual tax bill, annual accounts and tax planning.

We understand tax efficiency and are proud to be tax efficiency expert accountants based in Manchester.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much support will I receive per month?

You’ll receive the support you need to give you full peace of mind that your accounts are in safe hands. We offer tailored pricing, to suit each client and the services they need.

Do you offer tailored pricing?

We charge each of our clients, for each service, separately. Tailored pricing for our accounting services ensures that each client receives a pricing structure that is customised to their specific needs and budget.

We can agree on an additional monthly cost, when the time is right for you, to suit your accounting needs.

For our comprehensive range of services, click here.

What if I'm working under an Umbrella Company?

Some contractors choose to work under an umbrella company, and this is fine! Our contractor accountancy services extend to these contractors and each service is tailored to your needs.

Do we use online accounting software?

Yes, InterTax accounting experts use cloud based software. It’s just one of the many accounting services we provide.

It helps to provide added peace of mind to our clients, by saving time and money. 

We exclusively use Xero and Dext software for our clients. We help you choose your software type, depending on your needs.

What if I'm a Limited Company?

Legally, a limited contractor company doesn’t require their own dedicated accountant. However, there are multiple benefits of contractor accountants and partner contractor accountants.

Just one of the many benefits is tax efficiency for your limited company or business and precise quarterly vat returns submitted by your accountant.

Save money in the long run, by making the investment in a contractor accountant, now.

Can we help with Tax Return and Take Home Pay?

Yes, your dedicated accountant will manage the tax and tax returns, through a personal service. They can also provide thorough accountancy guidance when it comes to take home pay, for employees and those working as a sole trader.

Your contractor accountant can also assist with your making tax digital needs. This is part of the Government’s plans to implement a fully digital tax system in the UK.

What our clients say

One of the best things we hear from our clients is that there are no hidden costs. From day one you will receive only the best service from InterTax, at an agreed cost per month.

“I would highly recommend InterTax for self-employed. They are quick to reply and always give me valuable advice. Maja helped me to organise my business, as I am traveling a lot for various projects, and as a one-person company, it was hard for me to find time and look for any solutions suitable for my business. I now have all my documents stored in my phone’s app, which is brilliant. She also helped me to sort out outstanding submissions with HMRC, from the past few years, and dealt with received penalties.”

R Celarski (self-employed in construction)

Check out our other existing Google reviews here, highlighting our excellent accountant services.

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