Small Business Accounting Manchester

Who are InterTax?

InterTax are a team of specialist small business accountants, who strive to fully understand your business structure and your specific needs.

Our experienced team work with a range of clients and small business owners, from limited companies to sole traders and beyond. We can assist in your general accountancy services, and managing your business costs.

As a Manchester-based small business ourselves, we are proud to be one of the top small business accountants in Manchester, and our clients trust us to help their business grow and thrive in the current financial climate.

Accountancy Services for Small Businesses

As a small business, you do not have the luxury of time when attending to your accounting books. However, you can have us as your dedicated Manchester-based accountant – taking care of all your accounting services.

We will fully cover your accounting needs while you focus on the critical tasks of running your business.

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Small Business Accountants Manchester

We provide a full completion of your company accounts with all the information you need. We solve the problem that small businesses have when it comes to managing their money, which is the management of their finances.

With InterTax as your accountant, your Manchester-based business is set for success, across the North West and amongst local businesses too.

What is classed as a small business?

A small business is any organisation with fewer than 250 employees. Most sole traders are the owners of their business, and these are generally small businesses with small-scale accounts.

Sole Trader or Limited Company

In terms of company formation, legal structure and taxes, sole traders are the sole owner of a business, who pay personal income tax on any profits made from the business. They may have multiple businesses, in which case useful accounting software could be implemented.

Sole traders are required to pay business tax on all taxable business profits.

Limited companies have their own shareholders and are run by directors. The business accounts are separate to those of the owners. Limited companies may pay an overall lower tax.

Accountancy and Bookkeeping in Manchester

Our Manchester-based team will manage the tax and tax returns, plus provide payroll and bookkeeping services, and other general accounting services.

A Manchester accountancy firm you can trust

At our office in Manchester, we look after you from the very beginning. We understand how hard it can be to feel like you matter as a client.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help your Manchester Small Business with Accounting?

Our Manchester-based services are designed to support businesses in South Manchester and the surrounding Manchester areas to take control of their finances.

Do we use online accounting software?

Yes. At InterTax, we know that cloud-based and online accounting software can save you time and money. As experienced small business accountants in Manchester, we regularly update our accountancy services to be as useful and efficient as possible for our clients’ businesses. 

How much does small business accounting cost?

Each small business requires a personalised approach from its accountant, which is why we always get to know your business and add a personal touch to attending to your books and tax requirements. We believe as accountants it’s important to understand small companies in detail to support their growth.

What do our bookkeeping services involve?

Our bookkeeping services are sure to help keep your accounts up-to-date and well-managed.

Bookkeeping is a necessary task for any business, but it may be tedious and overwhelming. Because of this, a lot of firms opt to outsource their bookkeeping to an accountant. 

You can save time and money by outsourcing your bookkeeping to an InterTax accountant, and it can also increase the production and efficiency of your company.

There are major benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping so you can decide what’s best for your company. We can take care of your payroll too.

Do we help with HMRC?

First of all, small businesses must be registered under HMRC. This also applies if you’re a limited company. As part of our tax services, we will comply with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf. 

Note: If you’re a sole trader you don’t need to be registered to HMRC, but you must apply for self-assessment.

Why is InterTax different?

InterTax is a family business, owned and run by two sisters. Our passion is to help small businesses because we know first-hand how difficult it is to start and grow a business. If you are looking for a dedicated team to make sense of and manage your accounts, we are your ideal family accountants in Manchester. 

More than anything, we want to be able to help our clients grow through our specialist accountancy services.

Small Business Accountants Manchester – What our clients say

“Professional, qualified, reliable. Highly recommended service.”

Katarzyna Chadwick

“Working with Maja and InterTax has been most pleasant! She responds extremely fast and is always willing to share her valuable insights and advice. Her work is excellent and efficient. She always reminds me of impending deadlines and takes care of everything.
As a person, Maja is also very kind, humble, and understanding.”

Malune Limited

Business rates and how to contact us

Contact Maja and Anna on 0161 3271767 or email for a discussion on our costs and procedures. Alternatively, we would love to see you in person, which is why we provide a FREE 45-minute consultation, available to book here.

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